Summer Fun Day

by Emma Gould-Martin // August 2017

Summer Fun Day

(Sharon, Coach – Dogs Trust Dog – Emma, Head Coach)

Dog School Manchester attended the annual fun day at Heaton Park this year, it was a fun filled and action packed with lots of things going on.

Dog School was there talking to the community about the fantastic work we do at Dog School, but the nicest thing was that all our current and past Dog Schoolers came to see us, showing off their dogs amazing skills in settle, not jumping up and making good choices around dogs and people.

(Tammy visiting us at the Fun Day)

The interactive toys were very popular, as well as the ball pit, where some dogs loved it so much they didn’t want to get out. We talked to the owners about how the interactive toys (snuffle mats, Kongs etc) can enrich our dogs daily life.


There was free dog ice cream available for all the dogs and Alfie (a Dog Schooler) thoroughly enjoyed his as you can see!

(Alfie loving his free dog ice cream)

The day was very successful and raised lots of funds for Manchester Rehoming Centre, and Sharon and I got to meet the Dogs Trust Dog at our Dog School gazebo – I think he wanted some of our treats that we had on our stall really!

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