It’s Okay to be Alone!!

by Hannah Alves // December 2017

Being a puppy can be scary, everything is new and they will need to learn how to handle certain situations. Being left alone is particularly scary as dogs are very social animals and like to have attention and other dogs around them! The best advice to give anyone who is teaching their pup that it’s okay to be alone is to do it gradually. Consider allowing your puppy to stay in your bedroom for the first couple of nights or set up camp in the place where you want your puppy to sleep so they can get used to their new surroundings.

To start with try giving your new family member something tasty such as a stuffed kong while in a safe, quiet part of the house and leave for a few seconds and then come back. Gradually, when you feel your dog is comfortable with this, up the time to a few minutes, 10 minutes and then to 15 etc. Doing this slowly and waiting for them to settle before going back to them is a great way to teach them that it really is ok to have time by themselves! 

As hard as it is to ignore a puppy that is vocalising or in distress, it should be done wherever possible as if you go to them it will teach them that it is a good way to get your attention. If this happens take a few steps backwards in terms of the amount of time you leave them for, so they continue to have a positive experience!

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