A Puppy Success Story!

by Hannah Alves // November 2017

A Puppy Success Story!

The Smith family came to Dogs Trust with the dream of getting a puppy. As a family they decided to attend the Dogs Trust Dog School puppy seminar to help them prepare for their new arrival. The seminar runs through everything from preparing your house for your new puppy by making sure everything is safe and anything that could cause harm is removed or placed out of reach, socialisation amongst other dogs, people and what different types of behaviours mean, crate and house training and how to tackle chewing and mouthing.

 After learning lots of helpful tips from the seminar the Smith family were able to get their new puppy Patch the Border Collie! They even brought him along to our puppy classes where the whole family was able to get to grips with training Patch to settle, sit, walking on a loose lead, wait and recall. After the five week training course Patch graduated with flying colours and is now enjoying his new family and they love having their furry friend around

“We really appreciate the training with Dogs Trust. We came as a family and everyone was included. Consistency in approach is what comes through. It has allowed us to have a good relationship with our dog who is growing into the family. Thanks for all your help and guidance over the five weeks”.


 If you would like to sign up to Dog School Classes or the Puppy Seminar please contact us!

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