Meet Ruby….

by Holly Lockwood // September 2017

Meet Ruby…

Meet little Ruby, she is a 10 week old Working Cocker Spaniel and we’re going to be following her journey throughout the next couple of months. We’re going to be there for the first cuddles, vet visit, dog introductions, Dog School class and much much more.

Ruby spent the first 10 weeks on her life with 5 gorgeous siblings in Derby. Blissfully unaware that soon she was going to be rehomed by Stephen and Lorraine, who would take her to her forever home!


Ruby and a few of her gorgeous playful siblings!

Stephen and Lorraine already had two dogs, Jackson and Lily however felt it was time to add another addition to their household! They attended a seminar at Dog School Manchester ‘Preparing for your new Puppy’, this gave them all the knowledge and information they needed to set themselves up for success when taking on a new puppy! After thinking carefully about which breed they would like to go for and, of course considering if their current dogs would like a new friend, they came across Ruby!

Before they knew it the lovely Ruby was on her way home! That first car journey was a little scary for Ruby who has spent the last 10 weeks with her siblings so they made sure to hold her tight so she felt safe and secure on the drive to her new home!

Ruby’s new Mum and Dad made sure that her first few days at home we’re super chilled and relaxed to allow her time to settle in! She’s been getting on super well with her new brother and sister; Jackson and Lily. Ruby has been teaching them that they now have to share their toys with her! Her house training is going really well and she’s already asking to go out, what a smart little girl!!

Over the next couple of week’s we’ll be going with Ruby to her first very visit, she’ll be attending a Clicker Workshop at Dog School and will also have her first encounters with dogs out and about in the whole new world!

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