Hello and Goodbye!

by Lorna Williamson // February 2018

I've made the transition from working with and training our kennel dogs, to coaching the great British public in training their dogs.

Working on the kennels was very rewarding. You get to be the dog's carer, trainer and friend. Working with them, giving them confidence and reassurance in readiness to meet some potential new owners. 

For those that had spent months in our kennels, I liked to offer them some respite and bring them home for a few nights. This way they got to chill and a have a change of scene but also it gave me an opportunity to get information on how they coped in a home environment and get some lovely relaxed pictures too!

In my time, I had some special boys and girls that I looked after. (I've made a little photo collage of them because I'm so proud) There were some moments when I worried that they would never find a home as they were with us for so long, but all the dogs in the picture have now found a forever home. This includes Turnip who was a resident with us for 5 years! I honestly couldn't be happier for that special fella. 

So, it's a big but happy goodbye to some old friends and hello to some new friends at Dog school!

(Lorna with Eve just before she went to her forever home)

I am now coach and the third member of the team. It’s been a fun and hectic couple months getting up to speed with who's the where's and the whatnots of Dog school! From training to teaching, admin, laundry to making the brews (green tea for me FYI), there are loads going on to keep us out of trouble. It is a great feeling to be able to give the public the tools and confidence to train their dogs to help them to maintain a strong a bond and great relationship.

Every day really is a school day when learning from my head coach Michelle and senior coach Matt, and I'm lucky to be part of such a supportive team. I'm now looking forward to meeting and helping all those that come through our door. Could it be you?


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