Leila the office dog!

by Michelle Radcliffe // January 2018

Leila the office dog!


My name is Leila and my new mum is the Head Coach for Dog School Merseyside

I only came to live with my new family a few months ago and I think my mum will agree that I am settling in very well.

My previous owners loved me very much but they were unable to look after me anymore.

My mum heard about me up at Dogs Trust Darlington so she made a 2-and-a-half-hour road trip up to see me with my new brothers and sisters. They all loved me and who could blame them, so the rest is history as they say.

I have taken it upon myself to come into the office to keep any eye on the Merseyside Dog School team and help them to deliver the best training possible to the dogs of Merseyside and surrounding areas.

I think I am doing an excellent job of keeping the admin side in order.

My mum's team is quite new so there is a lot of organizing them for me to do. Matt and Lorna fuss over me all the time and sneak me the odd treat which Mum doesn’t mind.

It is tiring work running this team as I’m sure you can imagine, so 40 winks every now and again keeps me on top form .

Of course, I have been supervising their classes and I have even demonstrated to the attendees how to work mum well for treats. I even demonstrated a lovely settle that is taught during the classes whilst Matt delivered his induction presentation.

In their 5 week courses, the Dog School team cover everything you will need to lay a great foundation with your dogs, such as settle behaviours (so you can take your pooches to the pub for tea), loose lead walking (so you enjoy your walks together rather than pulling anyone over!) and recall training (so we will come back when called -  every time!). They also cover handling such as grooming and checking us four-leggeds over to make sure we stay fit and healthy and teaching us to keep all our paws on the floor when we meet new people.

I was even a bit of a celebrity at Dogs Trust Merseyside’s Christmas Fair.  I met lots of dogs that had been through Dog School classes as well as Santa Paws and his elf, Paul!

At the end of the working day there is only one thing left for me to do and that is to relax while watching TV and maybe snooze with my new Family.


If you would like to share the Dog School experience then get in touch with my team at Merseyside on  Merseysidedogschool@dogstrust.org.uk or call them on 07388 377386 and tell them Leila told you to call.

We run puppy classes, juvenile classes, adult classes and even have a class especially for rescue dogs – so we really do cater for everyone!

The Dog School Merseyside team would love to hear from you and help you with laying those important foundations for you and your lovely dogs.

Add contact details and social media please.