How to Learn Dog Language – It Starts with the Body!

by Matt Feltham// November 2017

I don’t know about you, but I often wondered how easy dog training and ownership would be if our dogs could talk!

 Wouldn’t life be so much simpler that way?!

The (not so) big secret is that they are communicating with us all of time!

Explaining how they do this is something that we really love to share with owners at Dog School classes, and the ‘eureka’ moments that many owners have when they start to read these signals is also so rewarding!

Joe showing how to look happy (whilst waiting for his treat!)

We think that it is really important to get to know your dog, what they love (so we can increase the joy in their lives) and what they find scary, worrying or what makes them feel unsure (so we can reduce these things and help them cope with them over time).

 What we look at first and foremost is the dogs body language. This is where a huge amount of information about how the dog is feeling can be seen.

 So why do we think this is such an important thing to learn for owners?

Well, the more we can understand our dog’s feelings and needs, the more we can change their environment and our own behaviour to make them more content and confident. It also helps us understand what they enjoy and what we should continue to do with them to maximise their daily fun!

We also love to point out how individual dogs are – some dogs love baths and grooming, some not so much. Some dogs love to chase a ball, some prefer to sniff and track. We think it is a great idea to celebrate this uniqueness, and by pointing out body language we can help each owner understand their dog’s individual personalities even more. Because each dog is that special!

Lastly being able to tell what our dogs are saying means we can build a really solid and powerful relationship with them, based on clarity, mutual understanding and trust. A mutually beneficial, happy, confident and trusting relationship with a totally different species - that’s exactly why we get dogs, right?!

It is fascinating how much more we can learn from our dogs when we learn to tap into their unique forms of communication.


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