Archie the rescue Springer

by Luke Jones // September 2017

Archie the rescue Springer

Even Trainers need to train...!

I rehomed Archie Two weeks ago. Archie is a 10-year-old Springer Spaniel who came from a working back ground.

Archie has settled at home with me and my three other dogs so now we can start on his training.

First of all, Archie had a 2 all over! His coat was long and tatty so Michelle and I gave him a shave. He looks like a different dog already.



Archie is a big lad earning him the nick name “The Goat”..., and although he is an older gent and has lovely manners, he pulls like a train! Therefore it was really important that we worked on his loose lead walking nice and early on. 

I have started training Archie to walk nicely on the lead using the same methods as we teach to dog owner on our classes.

Positive, fun and force free training.

The equipment I will be using to help me with my training will be;

  • Flat Collar or Harness
  • Flat lead or double ended lead
  • Treat pouch
  • High value treats
  • Poo bags

Watch this space.....!