Brain Games

by Luke Jones // August 2017

Brain Games

Dogs need both physical and metal stimulation for a balanced and healthy life. This can sometimes be challenging as you might not know what you can do to provide mental stimulation. Firstly think about what your dogs love and what motivates them, you can use this to your advantage to get your dogs thinking. Providing your dogs with these simple activities  will help with keeping your dog satisfied and help prevent boredom related behaviors. Here are some activities you can incorporate into your daily routines.

Create A Challenge

Feed one meal a day in a mentally stimulating and challenging way:

  • Puzzle feeders, kongs, kong wobblers.
  • Scatter food into the yard.
  • Put the food in an empty, dry (labels, rings, and caps removed) pop bottles, milk jugs, water bottles.
  • Destruction boxes, old shoe boxes, empty cereal boxes. Hide the food in several boxes and let the dog rip!
  • Use a meal for training treats.

Other Activities

  • Take your dog to “Dog School” training classes.
  • Take your dog to “Scent Workshop” training classes.
  • Take your dog to “Trick Training” classes.

Boredom Busters

In single dog households you can leave the following things with your dog unsupervised: 

  • Stuffed and frozen Kongs.
  • Pigs and cow ears.
  • Tripe sticks.
  • Frozen carrots.

Mental stimulation is as important as physical stimulation for dogs.

For more information on stimulation and training please feel free to contact us