Christmas Safety!

by Michelle Radcliffe // December 2017

Christmas Safety!

It’s that time of year that we have all been looking forward to. We’ve have done our last-minute shopping and dashing about. Bedtime on Christmas eve, the house is magical and quiet except, for the dog snoring at the bottom of the bed. All to soon the sun starts to rise and we know that ‘HE’S BEEN!!’ Christmas day is here and all in the house are bustling about and celebrating with lots of gifts and food.

During the festive period, we introduce all sorts of exciting and unusual items into the house. There are lots of food and toys especially suitable for our dogs, also even special doggy food recipes!

However, some of these things are not suitable and sadly can be harmful to our dogs. So, it is very important that we can identify what good and what’s not. Check out the Dogs Trust Christmas guide and the Doggy Christmas Menu. Also look out for specially designed doggy products when you are Christmas shopping.

Other Christmas Tips:

Even though Christmas really is a special time of year we need to try and stick to our daily routine as much as possible, so keep walks and meal times to the same times as usual to help your doggy feel safe and normal over this exciting time!

Give them a break: Make sure pup has some quiet space complete with a water bowl where he can retreat to if he needs to chill out after all the excitement – if only we could have the same luxury!

Dogs/ Puppies can turn tree ornaments into really fun toys! Make sure that your furry friend has something even more fun to entertain him during these times so that he doesn’t try to lend a helping paw…

As the Christmas tree is sparkly and enticing with twinkling lights, it can attract Dogs/puppies, so puppy proof your tree making sure chocolates are on branches out of their reach. You could even create a barrier around it to mark a safe space out for the tree!

Dogs/Puppies will love wrapping paper so maybe give them their own present to unwrap and involve them in the family fun!

Helping them to get it right!


Many pets are nervous of loud noises and even though fireworks night is in the past, the celebrations for Christmas and New Years are only just beginning and fireworks will continue to make an appearance! Read our Loud Noises Guide for tips, and download the Sounds Scary soundtracks to help your dog remain calm and relaxed.

Training will help with all these things, and Dog School can help you with all your training needs and questions! Feel free read the other blogs which are full of information or for extra advice give us a call on 07388 377386, or email us at

Merry Christmas From Dog School Merseyside

Michelle , Matt and Lorna