by Debbie Fell // July 2017

Mocha’s making her mark!

Read all about Mocha the working German Shepherd; a busy & worried girl transformed into a lovely & polite young lady.

When Mocha first joined Dog School she came to us as quite a worried youngster when it came to other people and strangers.  Mocha joined us at 10 months old and was already a big girl. As she was a working breed she was a very busy, strong and energetic dog as I’m sure you can imagine! At first, she found the training classes a little difficult, she struggled to settle down and was a little confused but it was all new to her so it is understandable.  The owners were a lovely family who clearly adored her but were struggling to control her and were at a bit of a loss for what to do with her and all her energy!

Her owner, 16-year-old James was a little quiet at first but took on board all we said. James took on the main role of training and walking with her, and you could tell from the off that James was dedicated to her and the classes.

Each week in the classes she picked up on the training so quick which was brilliant to see, and both Mocha and James gained in confidence. Our senior coach Luke Jones has experience in working dogs so he was able to help show James how to really get her motivated and combine her training and natural instincts.

Over the course of the 5 weeks she went from strength to strength and became so good with her signals like Sit and Down we even started to practice them in different locations and started getting her to follow just voice cues alone. One of her main problems was that she was so strong on the lead and pulled quite a lot, we broke this training down into easier chunks for her and she started to really improve.

On her last week, here we did the normal week 5 Olympics we do at Dog School, we set up a course outside in our Merseyside Centre. We made it quite hard for her and she absolutely smashed it!! She performed signals including ‘Sit’ ‘Down’ ‘Leave it’, and practiced her loose lead walking and recall skills which were all brilliant. She was so pleased with herself and the whole family were really pleased with how well she has come on too. They even said it was a shame the course was finishing and felt like it was too soon!

Overall it was a brilliant experience for the team to work with Mocha and it was fantastic to see the younger generation getting so involved with their dogs and taking such an interest in training them positively. It’s a really nice to imagine how the future looks with young owners like James and their dogs and to be part of that change within the classes that we run here at Merseyside Dog School.

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