Going Back to School!

by Matt Feltham// November 2017

After the first couple of weeks in my new job as Senior Coach at Dog School Merseyside I am seriously excited to get my teeth stuck into meeting new dogs and their owners and help them learn more about training, and in turn learn a huge amount from them too (as always)!

The job is a bit of a change from my previous role which was working as a Canine Carer and Dog Trainer with dogs at the Merseyside Rehoming Centre – although my job has changed, I am still based here in Huyton!

Although I adored working hands-on with the dogs at the Rehoming Centre, who had a range of training and behaviour needs, I was really excited about the opportunity to join Dog School and push forward with the great work they are doing in helping to spread positive, reward based training across the country (and most importantly (to me!) in my local area here in Merseyside).

There is lots of paperwork and office-based work to do to make sure the Dog School runs smoothly and that every owner gets everything they need, both before and after classes. Of course, there are also less glamourous jobs that need to be shared amongst everyone (even the new team member…!), such as recall practice in the rain… (in case you were wondering, this explains my rain-swept look above)!

The real highlight for me though is always the training classes themselves – and seeing the progression of each dog and their owners. For me there is no better reward than seeing the results of classes; happy dogs, excited and informed owners and an improved relationship and understanding between owners and their dogs that will last a lifetime.

By the way… I was so confident in Dog School and their message that I even took my own rescue dog Joe through the rescue dog classes when I first adopted him to brush up on his (and my own!) skills.

He is loving life and he continues to make me a very proud owner! (OK, maybe I just wanted an excuse to show the world how handsome he is.)


Whether it is an adult dog learning some new tricks, a puppy learning new life skills for the first time, or a rescue dog being set up for success in their new home I look forward to meeting you and your dog at a training class with us soon!

If you are interested in volunteering at Dog School Merseyside then please contact the team at merseysidedogschool@dogstrust.org.uk  or call us on  07388 377386