Case Study – Hari!

by Sascha Cox // April 2018

Case Study


Hi there! Meet Hari the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. When he was a baby he went to live with his new mum and dad but when he first got there he was a little bit scared about being by himself. He usually always had his mum or brothers and sisters to play with and got a bit worried whenever he had to play by himself.

Hari’s owners knew he was a bit worried so they called the guys at Dog School NI, then they bought a crate which he loved to sleep in because nobody else is allowed in there! He always got a delicious kong or tasty chew when mum and dad had to leave so he would bring it to the crate and hang out in there until they came back to play again! (Most of the time he fell asleep from working so hard on his chew or Kong!). 

Soon after this, he went to the vets for his second vaccination and started dog school! Hari stayed home for the first week so he got the best Kong ever and had a nap in his crate until they came home.  The next day Hari was introduced to his clicker – he learnt that every time it clicks he gets a treat!

On week one of training Hari came along and put his bed into his little bay (we use barriers to help dogs feel more relaxed for the first two weeks). Then he learnt to settle in his bed when his owners are busy. He also learnt to do a sit, a lie down and got to meet some other puppies!

Over the next four weeks, Hari became much more confident and even practiced his settle at his mum's work! He got much better at all of is training exercises such as walking nicely on the lead, coming back when called and learnt to be much more relaxed about handling. Hari had initially been very worried about wearing a collar and lead and became much more confident at having them put on or taken off – much to his owner's relief!

On week 5, Hari learnt some new tricks and got to play with the other puppies – Maurice the Bulldog X Shar-Pei was his favourite as they were similar sizes! At the end of the last session, Hari received his certificate for completing his class and took a lovely photo with his mum!

We at Dog School NI loved meeting Hari and his owners and watching them work together to achieve the fantastic results that we saw week after week!

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