Recall or Recoil?

by Janine Brownlees // June 2017

Recall or Recoil?

At the end of the last class of your Dog School course we ask for a feed back form to be completed... we appreciate your thoughts and value your comments.

We couldn't help but giggle recently when I was reading through a few of them and at first glance it seemed an owner was thanking us for helping him with his dogs 'recoil'!

I have myself booked for an eye-test now but it got us wondering – which do you have?

Here are a few quick tips to achieve that perfect recall and avoid a 'recoil'...

  • Reward your dog at home and in the garden just for looking at you when you call their name,                  
  • Practise recalls in a low distraction environment first, use a long line if necessary but always reward your dog even if he did need a little help to return!
  • Keep the rewards high....some dogs love cheese, some just want their tennis ball! Work out what motivates your pooch.
  • Have fun! Remember you need to be more exciting than whatever they have wandered off to so keep you voice light and encouraging and toss that ball or treat in the air on return and have a great game of catch.
  • Recall shouldn't always mean 'time for home'... Call your dog back randomly on your walk so as you can simply reward and release.

We hope this information helps you and your dog build an even stronger bond, id you'd like any more information please feel free to give us a call on 02825 661008