Interactive Toys and Feeding Enrichment

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Interactive toys & Feeding Enrichment

At Dog School Northern Ireland we always encourage the use of interactive toys for our four legged friends. Dogs are an intelligent and inquisitive species and so they must be kept mentally stimulated as well as physically for them to lead a fulfilled life. Kong’s, Biscuit balls and puzzle feeders are examples of interactive toys that are commercially available but we can easily make interactive toys at home for our pets. Every meal our dog has is a training opportunity, their kibble can be added to an empty milk carton (with the plastic ring and any labels removed) which they will be able to throw around until the food falls out (dogs love food that moves!). An old cardboard box filled with shredded paper is a great way to enrich your dog’s life – thrown their ration of kibble in and watch them dig and sniff for their food! Also, a snuffle mat can be made with an old door mat and a length of fleece material. It allows your dog to use their nose and find their kibble which is more natural than eating from a food bowl.  Using some of these toys is not only enriching for the dog but it will give the owner some time to relax knowing their dog is happy and occupied: Happy dog = Happy owner!