Taking Socialisation one gentle step at a time!

by Janine Brownlees // November 2017

Taking Socialisation one gentle step at a time!

So you’ve booked your puppy in for our 6 week course? Well we would like it to be so much more than just training! We aim to help you with that all important socialisation, whilst also having lots of fun!

The socialisation period ends at approximately 14 weeks old. During this period, it’s necessary to introduce your puppy positively and slowly to potentially ‘scary’ scenarios or objects to avoid fearful responses in later life. Puppies need to be prepared for everything that daily life will throw at them!

The list of things your dog should be socialised to is endless and it’s not just about other dogs - Although we do also aim for some puppy playtime in class. Your puppy should get out and about to meet other animals such as cats or livestock and even people from different walks of life – the list is endless!

In our classes you will find the following:

  • The Coaches dressed up in fluorescent jackets, hats, sunglasses and umbrellas!

  • Buggies and prams

  • Trampolines

  • Hula hoops

  • Fake dogs

  • Trollies

  • Dolls and children’s toys

  •  Tunnels

  • Gym equipment

  •  Veterinary equipment (e.g. head collars, muzzles etc.)

  • Grooming equipment

  • Footballs

  • Different floor surfaces – carpet, tiles, rubber mats, wooden floors

  • Our ‘scary sounds’ CD playing in the background - very quietly at first!

(Includes everyday sounds such as  babies crying, heavy traffic, motorbikes, smoke alarms, fireworks, farmyard noises, vacuum cleaners.)


For example…

…The car! Many dogs are worried about travelling in the car for a number of reasons (maybe they were carsick as a small puppy or maybe they only go in the car to go to the vets). Carefully socialising your puppy to the car allows them to join when you travel to nicer places such as the forest, beach and even for a family holiday, rather than only travelling when they HAVE to go somewhere such as the vets.

All these things are introduced slowly and positively to help our puppies cope and accept them as normal and therefore nothing to be concerned about. Successful socialisation helps a dog to become a confident adult who can deal with everyday life and even some of the more scary situations!

At Dog School NI, we want all of your dogs to be happy and confident so they can live happily by your side for many years!

If you are interested in any of our classes, we operate in the Antrim, Belfast and Ballymena areas with a variety of time slots.
Contact us on 07715654650 or email nidogschool@dogstrust.org.uk
You can also follow us on Twitter @DogSchoolNI and Instagram @dogschoolnorthernireland to see for yourself all the fun we have in class!