by Dog School Northern Ireland // July 2017

National Bring Your Dog to Work Day

At Dog School Nortjern Ireland we had a ball celebrating National Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Our Coach Sascha brought in her dog Bailey who helped us to show everyone a day in the life of Dog School, carrying out our duties for all to see!

First up, Bailey arrived at our office in the Ballymena Rehoming Centre full of energy and ready for a hard days work! After all the humans had their coffee and Bailey had her morning scatter feed, we got to work!

As we like to be as organised as possible in the Dog School NI office, we make a new list every morning so we can make sure we get all of our jobs done! Bailey followed suit and made her own list of tasks (or list of demands – we still arent sure!).

We started her off with answering the phones. When we answer the phones, we like to introduce ourselves and then ask the owners a few questions about themselves, their dogs and their reasons for wanting to attend Dog School before we book their space!

After a quick midday nap, Bailey threw on her work harness (badly) and got back to work. She printed off loads of enquiry forms so that we would have them to hand should our phone ring. We ask a lot of questions about your dogs to ensure that our classes are suitable for them as we want all the dogs and owners that come through our classes to enjoy their training.

After a quick game of fetch and some lunch, Bailey got to grips with the laptop. We use our laptops for lots of important things such as taking payments so it’s important that Bailey was able to use it! She even learned our number and typed it up for us! This is the number to call if you want to book your dog into one of or classes!

After a long day at the office, Bailey finally decided it was time to close the folders for the day and head home. She was already changed out of her uniform and eager to head for a nap in the car. Even though we had a long day, the Dog School NI team always enjoy talking to owners, meeting their dogs and finding ways to help them to bond and have a great life together when class is over.