Is your dog cool with summer?

by Janine Brownlees // May 2017

Woohoo! It's nearly summer and at Dog School we are really excited about holding more of our classes outside!


As always though we need to spare a thought for our canine companions...

Does your pooch really enjoy the heat as much as you do?  Do they lie out on the decking sunbathing? Or are you more likely to find them back inside snoozing on the cool leather couch?

We would love to share a few sunshine tips so as everyone can have a super summer:

  • Make sure your dog always has fresh water, ice cubes can be a welcome addition!
  • Avoid long walks in the mid-day heat, shorter strolls early morning or evening is better.
  • If your dog is outside make sure they have access to shade, white dogs may even need a little sunscreen applied to ear tips!
  • Why not offer your dog some frozen treats while you enjoy an ice-cream? Kongs and carrot sticks are perfect!
  • Place your hand on the pavement for a few seconds so you can judge how comfortable it is for dog to walk on.
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS remember dogs die in hot cars! Try to avoid long journeys in mid-day heat.
  • If you do suspect your dog is in heat distress, cool them with some damp towels and contact your vet.

We hope you all have a fantastic summer.... happy training (in the shade!)