Sam the Border Collie

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Sam is a young border collie who came to our Adult class in January 2017. Sam’s owner Laura adopted Sam from our Ballymena Rehoming centre as a puppy. Sam was initially very timid and wary of people; however she was also extremely eager to learn. Throughout her five weeks of training Sam began to come out of her shell and excelled in all aspects of the classes. Her loose lead walking and recall were a testament to the amount of work put in by her owner outside of the class environment. By the time class was over, Sam’s owner Laura had enjoyed the training so much that she requested information about local agility classes in order to continue using Positive Reinforcement Training to further enrich Sam’s life and help her develop into a confident adult. Laura’s favourite part of Dog School was learning about the benefits of Positive Reinforcement  and strengthening Sam’s recall. Laura believed that Sam’s greatest accomplishment throughout Dog school was learning reliable recall when outside, made possible by generalising her training to distracting environments outside of class. Laura and Sam rated Dog School Northern Ireland 10/10 and would love to return!