Success Story - Kalypso!

by Jess Blount // February 2018

Kalypso didn’t have a great start to life – found walking the streets in Romania, she’d probably never felt a gentle hand, or been offered a decent meal. After being rescued and travelling to the U.K., Kalypso landed on her feet when she was placed in her new loving home with her adoring family who wanted to do the best they could to help her feel at ease and happy.

Helping Kalypso feel relaxed in new environments and with strange people wasn’t going to have a quick solution, so her Mum called us as Dog School Nottinghamshire to support them on their journey.

On week one when Kalypso first came to class, her Mum was surprised she even entered the venue, as she was very nervous about being in new situations. Adding to this the new people and other dogs in the room, it was potentially going to be a big experience for Kalypso, but Mum knew it would be sure to pay off!

She may be a big dog, but Kalypso was nonetheless a little nervous at the start of the first session so we made sure to give her plenty of space to make her feel more at ease, as well as lots of really yummy things to eat so she would start to feel good at being around us and in the room.

On week two, Kalypso entered the room more confidently and was more willing to explore her surroundings and engage with her training. Over the next few weeks, we saw a dramatic change in Kalypso’s confidence.

Eventually, we got to week 5 of our course – Olympics Week – where we round off our training by putting it all to the test in various fun and challenging exercises. Kalypso’s turns came up and we looked on as she nailed her loose lead walking, showed a masterful ‘leave it’ and demonstrated how to politely greet a stranger – someone she would never have even approached all the way back on week one!

We were so pleased with how far Kalypso had come, and how much work her Mum had put in to help Kalypso grow in confidence and ability. When we handed the duo their certificate of achievement we felt they really deserved it, and we really hope to see them again in the coming months to advance their training further.  

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