Success Story

by Jess Blount // July 2018

We first saw Daphne last year, but had to work with her on a one-to-one basis in the beginning as a class environment would have been a little bit daunting for her. Once Daphne’s owner had been helped to develop her ability to recognise when Daphne was feeling really good or needed a little bit of extra support, she was ready to take on a class!

When Daphne first moved out of rescue and into her forever home, she was lucky enough to have two new spaniel siblings who helped show her the ropes on how to behave in the house and out on walks. When we asked her family about how Daphne is at home, we were told...

“She’s very quiet when she’s out and about, but as soon as she’s at home with the spaniels she comes right out of her shell. Of an evening Daphne will be keeping herself entertained with her rope toy and the odd sock.”

In week one of the class Daphne seemed a little wary of all the noise and people moving around the room, but pretty soon she was coming out of her shell and showing us all how brilliant she is! By the last few weeks she was progressing really well with all the exercises she took part in.

At Dog School, we would never but a dog into a situation that it couldn’t cope with, but sometimes, with the right support, a dog who starts as a little nervous can blossom in confidence! We are so pleased that Daphne gained a lot from the experiences she’s had with us!

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