Nigel - A Success Story

by Rose Clark // June 2017


Nigel, the 13-month-old Sprocker, was one of our first sign ups to Dogs Trust Dog School Nottingham and we are so proud of how far he’s come!

Nigel was rescued at 9 months old, this is a very tricky age for pooches as they’re at the peak of adolescence, thankfully we were on hand to help!

Nigels mum and dad originally bought him along for a 1-2-1 consultation, not a naughty dog by any definition but Nigel was certainly excitable! The main training goals were to get Nigel walking nicely on the lead, so as not to dislocate Mum’s arm every time they went on a walk, and to perfect his recall. Nigel is a typical Spaniel - nose orientated – and therefore very easily distracted. However, with perseverance, we were able to show his owners how with the use of positive reinforcement, Nigel could be persuaded to take his time when walking to the park. We also showed Nigel how beneficial it is to respond when his name is called.

After the 1-2-1 Nigel enrolled onto Dog School and went from strength to strength. His owners showed great dedication and that was reflected in Nigel’s behavior. We continued to work on his loose lead walking and recall throughout the 5 weeks of Dog School.

By week 5 we were thrilled to see Nigel, loose lead in tow, calmly approach our stooge dog, Dougie, to perform a beautiful meet and greet, and be seamlessly recalled out of it!

Nigel’s owners were so impressed with his progress they bought us each a personalized mug with some of Head Coach Chelsea’s catchphrases and pictures of Nigel on. Senior Coach Abi was so impressed she now wants a Spaniel of her own!

Well done Nigel!!