Bullet proof your dogs training!

by Sam Spurr // December 2017

Bullet proof your dogs training!

How to train your dog for every environment!

Here at Dogs Trust Dog School one of the most common things we hear dog owners say to us when training is I know he knows how to do this. Owners often say things like “He does the perfect sit in the living room, he just can’t seem to remember it when we’re at the park!”. This often leads owners to wondering if the park is affecting their dogs hearing (unsurprisingly – this isn’t the case!)

The reason this is so common is because the “sit” or “lie-down” or “come” has only been practiced in very boring places, where the dog has nothing else to distract him, such as the living room, or corridor at home. What we teach people at Dog School is how to “generalize” their dogs training to all sorts of different places. “Generalizing” sounds a bit complicated but really just means practicing the new behaviours we are teaching him, such as “sit”, “lie-down” or “come”, in all sorts of different places, so he knows that when we say “sit” it doesn’t matter whether we’re at home or in the park, we’d like him to sit down!

When teaching your dog a new behaviour you should start in the most boring place you can think of and with nothing going on, such as an empty corridor where there are no socks or snacks to distract him! Once your dog has perfected the behaviour in this place you can move to a very slightly more interesting environment such as the living room but still ensure its quiet, then a quiet drive, the empty garden, and so on. Once you’ve practiced in quiet places, go back to the beginning and try practicing in times where there is more going on, such as dinner being made, kids going to school, guests at the door etc, gradually building up to a busy park! If you practice the behaviour in every different place you can find, boring places, fun places and busy places, you are not only teaching him that “sit” applies in the park as well as the home, but also helping him practice his training in general  – and after all practice makes perfect!

If you have a puppy or dog that you think could benefit from practicing in different environments, book yourselves onto one of our classes! Our classes are the perfect place to learn more and practice training your dog around a variety of distractions.

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