Meet and Greet

by Abi Birch // May 2017

Meet and Greets

We would all like our dogs to be friendly around dogs and people. With training, and an understanding of your dog this is more than possible. It has been known in the past, that you must introduce your young puppy to as many stimulants as possible. We take them to the park to ensure they are being introduced to a variety of environments, we ask if our puppies can meet other dogs to get used to them, and we ask people to approach them to give them some fuss.

Through research, we are finding that this is still the case, however it must be managed more appropriately by owners to ensure we do not in still fear and anxiety into our dogs. All introductions to new surroundings must be gradual and we should allow the dogs to make their own choices when presented with something new. One of the main topics to be discussed in more detail, is meeting and greeting other dogs whilst out on walks. It is important that we introduce our puppies slowly to different breeds and sizes and don’t assume our puppies will be happy with all dogs they meet. The crucial time for any dogs meeting and greeting, is the approach. It should be a calm and relaxed approach by both the owner and the dog and it should be discussed by both owners before allowing the dogs to say hello to each other.

We cover meet and greets within our classes. We explain the body language that dogs show to dogs and humans, and help owners recognise when their puppy/dog is uncomfortable with a given situation. It’s important to remember, that even if the dog that is approaching is friendly, the sudden approach of a dog, can be a scary situation for other owners, and their dog that have not yet established confidence around other dogs. If you have a dog with a solid recall, fantastic! You can call your dog to you before he approaches the dog. If you are unsure if your dog will run over to another dog, keep it on a long lead and ask the approaching owners if you can allow the dogs to say hello.