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Dog School Shropshire & Cheshire are dedicated to helping you and your four-legged friend achieve great results. Whether you are looking for group classes to work on key skills like; loose lead walking and recall, or you need one to one training for something specific our experience staff are ready to help. At Dog School we are here to coach you, so that you can gain the skills you need to train your dog in a positive and rewarding way. You will always get a warm welcoming from the team so don’t delay, contact us today!

Our classes

Tuesday (50 mins)

18:00, 19:00 and 20:00

Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, TF6 6BP

Wednesday (50 mins)

13:00, 14:00 and 15:00

Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, TF6 6BP

Wednesday (50 mins)

18:00, 19:00 and 20:00

Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, TF6 6BP

Thursday (50 mins)

18:00, 19:00 and 20:00

Nantwich Primary Academy, CW5 5LX

Saturday (50 mins)

12:00, 13:00 and 14:00

The Grove School, Market Drayton, TF9 1HF

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T: 07392 869376

T: 01948 302990


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Trainers' profiles

Rachel completed her Master’s degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Newcastle University whilst managing a rescue and rehoming centre. For the last 3 years she has worked as a University lecturer specialising in Canine Behaviour and Training.


Outside of work she spends her time with her Portuguese rescue dog Rico and her therapy dog Maisy.


Laura joined Dog School earlier this year has recently earned her place as Senior Coach in the Shropshire team.


Laura worked in kennels for many years and has got to know many different personalities in dogs. Laura has qualifications in Animal Care and Management and is constantly learning new things from the rest of her team.


Outside of work, Laura has three Australian terriers, Misty, Alfie and Tootsie, who she has shown for over ten years. Her eldest girl, Misty has been blind for the last two years and Laura continues to find out more in the ways she can help her and bring her confidence back. Although a lover of all breeds, her special love lies with terriers and lurchers. You can often find her out with her three terriers or walking dogs who are still looking for a forever home! 






Kerrianne has been a Canine Carer at Dogs Trust Manchester for 3 years, as a canine carer she carried out daily care, handling and training. Whilst working as a Canine Carer Kerrianne also attended Dog Training courses. Kerrianne has previously achieved Triple Distinction in National Diploma Animal Management, she has also carried out voluntary work in numerous rescues for over 4 Years.


Kerrianne has 3 dogs a Springer Cross Collie called Sam, Skyla the Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Tilly the Miniature Schnauzer.  Kerrianne is extremely passionate about dogs and their welfare, so she’s super excited to be able to join the Shropshire Team as Coach.



Beth completed a degree in Animal Science which focused mainly on animal behaviour and welfare. Since completing her degree, she has worked in a vary of rescue centres and at an animal park. At the animal park, she worked closely training a pack of three hybrid wolves.


Since working with the wolves she has had a strong interest in canine behaviour and is looking forward to focusing on training and now helping owners create a life-long bond with their dogs.

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Dog School Shropshire We make sure in our classes your dogs have their own pod which they can settle in. As the weeks go on we hope to reduce the barriers and your dog can settle by your side in a room full of other dogs, people and distractions which can be very useful if you are thinking of taking your dog with you to dog friendly cafes! 🐾🐕 Interested in classes? We are in the office all day today so call 01948 302991 ☺️ #dog #dogs #puppy #puppies #dogstrust #animals #trainingclasses #positivetraining #rewardbasedtraining #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #labrador #westie #coach #teaching #training #owner #happydogs #school #shropshire #cheshire #nantwichprimaryacademy #nantwich #marketdrayton #rescue #crossbreed #purple #shrewsbury #class #school


Dog School Shropshire ⭐️ Can your dog focus on you when you are out about and doesn't get distracted with the environment or other dogs? We can help build up confidence and focus in our classes by using reward based training methods! If you are interested please call Beth today on 01948 302991 or pop on the website and search Shropshire! We cover classes in #Nantwich #Shrewsbury and #MarketDrayton 🐾🐶🐕 #dog #dogs #puppy #animal #cockerpoo #dogsofinstagram #cockerspaniel #poodle #puppiesofinstagram #dogstrust #rescue #training #trainingclasses #photography #animalphotography #rewardbasedtraining #rewardbased #positivereinforcement #dogschool #shropshire #cheshire #cute #wednesdaywisdom #closeup

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