Mar, 2020

Understanding Your Dog

Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, TF6 6BP | Monday 16 Mar 2020, 19:30

Understanding your dog

Do you love your dog but wish you knew a little more about them? Join us for an evening dedicated to helping dog owners gain a better understanding of their dog’s emotions and reasons behind some of their behaviours.


We will cover:

  • Where did dogs come from?
  • How do dogs view their world and what are they thinking?
  • How to speak ‘dog’
  • Myth busting!
  • Cause of common problems (and what you can do!)

Tickets cost £10 and everyone is welcome! 



Or, to book your place contact Dog School using the details below:


Dog School Shropshire

E: shropshiredogschool@dogstrust.org.uk

T: 07392 869376

T: 01948 302991