Puppy love!

by Laura Jackson // February 2018

Puppy love!

As Valentine’s day approaches and we get ready to fall in love for the first time, all over again and celebrate the day with our loved ones, love is most definitely in the air! For the team at Dog School Shropshire, we are spending the day celebrating how much we love our dogs and sharing stories with our customers and followers what they love about their dog too!

Along with everyone’s most loved photos of their pets, we asked for one sentence to describe what people loved the most about their dogs!

Maisy the jug!

Her owner says his favourite thing about Maisy is how happy she looks chasing a ball.

Poppy the Miniature Schnauzer!

Poppy’s mum and dad say her cheekiness, snuggles and quick learning are their favourite thing.

Alfie and Tootsie the Australian terriers!

This double act’s mum and dad say they have so many favourite things about these two but their loyalty, cheeky attitude and their fun-loving ways!

Mino the Schnauzer x Bichon!

Mino’s owners say their favourite thing is her personality and her wagging tail whenever they get home!

Rico the Portuguese rescue!

This handsome chap’s mum says her favourite thing about Rico is every time she comes home, he runs to find his purple radio toy to show her!

Teddy the Briard!

This adorable pup’s parents say their favourite thing is Teddy’s big bear hugs!

Skylar the Staffordshire bull terrier!

Beautiful Skylar’s mum’s favourite thing is no matter how bad your day has been Skylar can make it better!

Bonnie and Lexi the border terriers!

B & L’s parents said they’ve been with these two for 15 years and their favourite thing is that they love them more, unconditionally each day.


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