Tugger toys

by Rachel Rodgers // July 2017

Tugger Toys!

A lot of dogs LOVE to play a game of tug. But dog toys aren’t cheap and some dogs (like Rico here!) can very quickly destroy them when they play. In this blog Head Coach Rachel explains how you can turn an old plastic bottle into a toy for your dog...!

For this toy you will need:

1 old plastic bottle

A pair of old jeans/shorts

A square of fleece

Strong thread and needle.

Elastic/an old hair bobble.

Step 1

Cut a square of denim from your old shorts/jeans.

This should be the same length as your bottle (ours was 25cm).

Step 2

Fold the edges of your denim square over slightly and stitch along. This is to remove any lose stringy pieces!

Step 3

Cut another square the same size from your fleece.

Attach this to your denim square with an overlap of 1cm.

This is what it should look like so far:

Step 4

Next cut the fleece into strips. Don’t cut all the way to the denim, leave about 2 cm of fleece uncut. Like so:

Step 5

Sew the two denim sides together. The toy should be starting to look more toy like now!

Step 6

Fold the end of the denim over, 1cm and stitch with a running stich so you can tighten this end up. For extra security you can add your elastic in here!

This leaves an opening which you can pop new bottles in and out of!

Step 8

Insert your plastic bottle and stitch around the fleece to secure it in place.

Your toy is now complete! Unless you want to decorate it further, I added a heart for Rico because I love him so much!

Now you can play tug with your dog and replace the bottle whenever required!

Remember to check out our Instagram page @DogSchoolShropshire to see videos of Rico playing with his new toy!