Events All Round!

By Jessica Colson | dogs trust, dog school, shropshire, training, dog, dog training, blog, events, cpd, shrewsbury, behaviour

Hi Readers!

I can’t believe it’s time for another blog already but I’m so excited to tell you about what we’ve been up to more recently! Where should I start..?

So, our week has consisted of spending some time at the Rehoming Centre in Shrewsbury and we met some lovely dogs, including Willow here!

We were there mostly to do our staff training and to show off our skills we already had! It was great fun and we learnt what we needed to know!

Practice makes perfect right?

We then went on to do some training we’d been taught with the rescue dogs, we practiced how to: sit, wait and loose lead walk!

Now we are fully ready to start teaching people what we know and have learnt, we have lots of events coming up that you might want to know about and bring your dog along to!

Family Dog Training classes this is where we work alongside the Dogs Trust Education Officer for Shrewsbury, Alison, to teach families how to read their dog’s behaviour and how to have manners around our dogs when they don’t want to play or when they really do!

We also have a Continued Professional Development event coming up called ‘How to run a successful puppy party'. This event is all about communicating with local vets, businesses and kennels and show our support for them!

As you can tell we’ve been busy so far and to add to our good news, we now have dates for our classes!

Puppy, Adult and Rescue Dog classes are starting at the Dogs Trust Centre in Shrewsbury on Wednesday the 28th of June. They will also run at Wistaston Memorial Hall from Thursday the 22nd of June and Ash Magna Village Hall from Saturday the 24th of June. Call us now on 07392 869376 to find out more and book your space!

I know sometimes the internet can be a bit confusing so we’ve made it really simple and we update our Instagram page and twitter every day so you can see what we are up to and all the fun we are having! Don’t forget to get in touch if you want any information or any advice from us here at Dog School Shropshire!