by Rachel Rodgers // August 2017

From Dolphins to Dogs

When working with dogs I am often asked by people "How do I get your job?"

Often people want to know “What did you do first?”. When they find out that I used to be a dolphin trainer, I am pretty sure a lot of people think I am joking!

But I’m not, I did get that lucky. After starting to study for a Master’s degree in applied animal behaviour and welfare, I was given the fantastic opportunity to go and work with dolphins in the Caribbean.

But how do dolphins link to dogs?

Although there are some obvious differences between dolphins and dogs; such as a lack of legs and the fact they live in the sea, the way they are trained is the same. When I was working with dolphins if I asked them to go and give someone a kiss then I would use a hand signal. If they did the behaviour then I would give them a piece of fish. This type of training is called positive reinforcement training and this is what we use at Dog School Shropshire. I now use this training with my own dog but instead of fish, if my dog sits down he gets a piece of meat. 

Dogs may be different to dolphins, but if you come to classes at Dog School Shropshire we will show you how to train your dog using positive reinforcement, though we will probably use more cheese and sausage instead of fish! 

We pride ourselves on the fact that Dog School training classes are fun for both you and your dog which is why we will give your dog a treat when they do something right and simply ignore any mistakes. Together we can help you to have the best friend you have always dreamed of.