Dog School Shropshire 100th Dog!

by Beth McDonald // December 2017

Dog School Shropshire 100th Dog!

At Dog School Shropshire we see a lot of dogs, all of them bring us joy and warmth and we hit the milestone of our 100th Dog to graduate recently.

Our 100th Dog was called Suki, who is only three years old. She has the proud owners, Time and Katie Lander and its fair to say she has quite an interesting past before she became our 100th dog to graduate.

Suki started her adoption story by coming over in a van from Ireland. She settled into kennel life at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury well but clearly couldn’t wait to get a home all of her own. Suki’s past is a little unsure and we really don’t know what had happened to her before she came to Dogs Trust. We spoke to Tim throughout the training classes and he explained how Suki had a broken face, she was examined by a vet and he showed how her face had been held together in the past with wire. Looking closely at Suki you can see scars on her face which shows this. The wire was so deep into her nose that parts remain there, she is also missing a small part of her jaw and has a spilt in her tongue. This being said she has the happiest, loveliest face and she only had a brief time in kennels before Katie and Tim spotted her and fell utterly in love with her.

Suki now has a forever home with Katie and Tim and her new fur family: one other dog, two cats, one tortoise and one rabbit, so she has lots of company! Suki has made best friends with the couple’s other dog and now live side by side in happy contentment.  Suki has also made good friends with one of the cats. The other cat though is a little indifferent and may need a little convincing that she can snuggle up to Suki on the cold winter nights.

Before Dog School, Suki was easily distracted and she would always want to greet people by jumping up and would often become over excited. Throughout the five weeks at Dog School we saw some great improvement in this. Suki was able to settle during quiet periods of class time and was less over excited about new things, people and dogs. She is also showing improvements in being able to train whilst there are distractions happening around her as her training is continuing at home.

Now Suki has graduated Tim and Katie are excited to keep up with their training and help Suki to learn new tricks!

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