How to make a snuffle mat

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How to make a snuffle mat!


I’m so glad you have come to find out how to make a snuffle mat. Here is all you need to know about how to make a snuffle mat...

What you will need 

1 x garden mat with holes big enough to thread some material through. You can also use antifatigue mats which are readily available online. We cut our mat into a smaller square you can have any shape and size you like. 

Lots of strips of material. You can choose any colour you like. Why not choose your favourite colour? Or go for a multi coloured snuffle mat? It’s up to you. You can use a combination of materials including fleece, cotton. Or why not recycle some of your old blankets, jumpers or t – shirts.

Finally all you need is time!

Follow this step by step instructions on how to make your snuffle mat.

Step 1 – Cut your snuffle mat into any shape and size. The larger breed dogs may like a larger size snuffle mat.

Step 2 – Cut your material into strips approximately 20cm long. Have plenty of these ready and it will make the process easier.

Step 3 – Start to thread one piece of material through the mat so that both ends are pointing up.

Step 4 – Tie the two ends together in a secure knot.

Step 5 -   Continue to tie along each row of holes. You can use the material in any pattern you like or have a mash up of colours.

Step 6 – Once you have filled a row have a look for any gaps in your mat – add some more material where you feel necessary.

Step 7 - Keep going until your mat is full and looks snuffly.

Step 8 – Cut your material to the desired length. Long nose dogs may enjoy longer material strands in their snuffle mat making it slightly more difficult to locate the treats. Short nosed dogs may enjoy shorter material strands to make it slightly easier to locate the treats.

Now you have finished, choose your dog’s favourite treat and hide it amongst the material. Start off with a few easy ones on top to entice your dog. Then when they are managing this, you can be a little more challenging how you hide the treats. 

Have fun and enjoy playing with your dog and don’t worry if they manage to pull it apart you can always just fix it with a few extra pieces of material.

Until next time, thank you for reading!