Puppy Party Success

by Laura Louise Jackson // June 2017

Puppy Party Success!

Here at Dog School Shropshire, we love writing blogs because this way we can tell you what we’ve been up to. We hope they are a nice easy read before some of you are at classes!

We had so much fun organizing and planning our Continued Professional Development session for vet nurses and canine degree students on ‘How to run a Successful Puppy Party’.

So, our event was run by our Head Coach, Rachel. With years of experience, knowledge, and also with a welcoming sense of humor she could talk confidently about what a puppy party needs in order to run successfully. We covered: what to consider when running a party, such as; space, ability of the puppies, breeds of the puppies and what equipment you may need.

Different aspects can contribute towards your puppy’s welfare and how much they enjoy socialising with other dogs! Rachel discussed the common problem of flooding. Flooding can occur when young dogs are over exposed to too much in one go. For example, a nervous dog being completed surrounded by several dogs. Some owners think they may be helping their dog to learn to like other dogs by encouraging them to meet as many dogs as possible, but in reality this may be far too much for their puppy and they would be better off meeting similar size dogs individually and at a pace they are comfortable with.

Our breed of puppy section was extremely interesting; we’ve come to learn all about different styles of play in different breeds of dog. For example, collie type dogs trying to herd us, terriers making lots of noise and enjoying rough play where they rag and shake things, along with the bull breeds loving a bit of rough and tumble amongst themselves!

Although it is great if your puppy can experience all these different types of play, it is important to realise they can learn just from being sat on your knee watching. Just like with humans, they may not understand or enjoy the type of play and games other dogs are involved in, but we need to let them decide for themselves in a safe environment.

The attendees our event were supportive and took the time to talk to us after. We have even had a request from a vet practice to help to do training towards the kennel cough vaccine!

The great thing about these events are that we learn things from the people who attended and we hope they learnt from us!

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Thank you for reading!