Maggie's Story!

by Rachel Rodgers // November 2017

Maggie's Story!

When Maggie the 8-month-old collie pup returned to the Shrewsbury Rehoming Centre for a second time, the Dog School team took it upon themselves to give her the extra help she needed to get her settled in to a forever home.

Being exceptionally beautiful, it wasn’t long before Maggie had a new family interested in rehoming her. The question was, was this her forever family?

Being a collie pup, Maggie had energy by the bucketful, but had also learnt some habits that us as humans can find a little problematic when we are out and about!

Maggie gets very excited when she ventures into the human world. There is an awful lot going on and as Maggie had not had many different experiences as a pup, things that are completely normal and mundane to us humans, were extra scary to Maggie as she had never seen them before – bikes, cars and even some other dogs made Maggie quite nervous and this caused her to bark and lunge at them. As she had had a bit of a troubled upbringing, she was also quite nervous of her food being taken and would often let her owners know this by being very possessive of things like bones and chews.

It was clear that the family that would be perfect for her would have to be extra understanding, patient, and committed to teaching Maggie that there was nothing to be afraid of. That's when the Hackshall family contacted Dog School Shropshire and we were of course more than happy to help!

Maggie's new dad Cameron has recently attended classes at Dog School Shropshire’s newest venue, Nantwich Primary Academy and has been getting to grips with all the different ways that he can help Maggie settle into her new family. We only use kind, gentle and reward based methods here at Dog School, and this helps the family to build a really strong bond with Maggie, and helps Maggie to learn to trust them.

To say he is a natural is an understatement. He is the perfect match for Maggie and has not only excelled at teaching her the usual Dog School content of: sit, down, loose lead walking, recall and leave but has also managed to teach this adorable pup lots of new tricks.

Maggie is a collie, and these are an exceptionally intelligent breed so the daily training sessions the family committed to have worked wonders.

We had the time to speak to Maggie’s family after her training course had finished and they could only sing her praises! When her family were asked what they loved the most about Maggie, it was a simple and loving answer of how much she loves people, how polite she is and that Maggie had not only been lucky to find them, that they were equally as lucky to find her.

When the Hackshall family started their journey to find dog, they knew that they wanted an active dog that would fit in with their lives and enjoy being outdoors with them. It was love at first sight when they saw Maggie. She came out to greet them full of energy and with a tail wagging so much that her bottom wagged too!

As Maggie progresses into her life with her new family, Cameron hopes to follow some positive reinforcement sheep dog training, teaching her to swim and even getting her into agility! At Dog School Shropshire, as a team we are so proud of Maggie, we look forward to keeping up with her journey and we truly think she has landed on her paws with her new family and new life style!

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