Welcome to Dog School Shropshire!

by Laura Jackson // May 2017

Welcome to Dog School Shropshire

Introducing Rachel, Head Coach

Rachel completed her Master’s degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Newcastle University whilst managing a rescue and rehoming centre for another large welfare organisation. For the last 3 years, she has worked as a University lecturer specialising in Canine Behaviour and Training. Outside of work she spends her time with her Portuguese rescue dog Rico and her pets as therapy dog Maisy.

Introducing Laura, Senior Coach

Well what about me? I have spent a lot of time within rescue kennels, volunteering and working. I have qualifications in animal management. I have shown my three Australian terriers; Misty, Alfie and Tootsie and other breeds for over 10 years. I recently became senior coach, before that I was the coach at Dog school Shropshire, I hope to continue learning and bettering myself in my job role.

Introducing Beth, Coach


Beth completed a degree in Animal Science which focused mainly on animal behaviour and welfare. Since completing her degree, she has worked in a vary of rescue centres and at an animal park. At the animal park, she worked closely training a pack of three hybrid wolves.  Since working with the wolves she has had a strong interest in canine behaviour and is looking forward to focusing on training and now helping owners create a life-long bond with their dogs.

So, there we are and we are a nice bunch!

Currently we are working towards letting people know we are here, although Dogs Trust Dog School has over 20 other dog schools, Shropshire is still a new one.  

Something else we’ve been advertising towards is getting volunteers, our volunteers are there to help with the classes and to assist the coaches, it’s mostly preparing yummy treats, thinking of enrichment activities and generally assisting the classes! Being a volunteer with Dogs Trust Dog School is a great way to be involved with the dogs and dog training professionals, we are always on the lookout for people to help us with the classes so if you think you’d like to volunteer with us, you can find the details on our twitter or Instagram page, failing that, you can always ring us!

Another route we are taking is planning a training event for canine professionals, these events are a brilliant way to communicate to other businesses, our continued professional development event is all about how to run a successful puppy party, there is lots of information to be known about this event and we can help with any enquires about it! We’ve been doing a lot in the way of face to face advertising and visiting vets, local communities and local businesses.

We would love to have a room full of people wanting to learn how to host a successful puppy party! So if you’re interested, then buy your ticket here: http://www.dogstrustdogschool.org.uk/dog-school/shropshire/events/dog-school-shropshire-puppy-party-success/

 Until next time, thanks for reading!!