Best walks around Shropshire & Cheshire!

by Laura Jackson // October 2017

Best walks around Shropshire & Cheshire!

Being a team of three from all separate locations is a huge benefit for many different reasons but one of our favorite ones, is that we get to explore and walk our four legged friends in all different places around Shropshire & Cheshire!

It’s easy to forget that some of the most beautiful places around us is only a car journey away or even easier, just a few more foot steps away! We’ve made a list of some of the best walks around Shropshire and Cheshire so hopefully you, our readers, could find a new place to go for a walk. We’ve also included some pictures of our four legged friends enjoying these walks too

Rodney’s Pillar – Shropshire.

  • SY21 7DD. ‘Our dogs give it 3 out of 4 paws!’

Nescliffe hills/caves – Shropshire.

  • SY4 1DG. ‘Dog rating is a 4/4 paws!’

Haughmond hill – Shropshire.

  • SY2 6ND. ‘We’ve got a 4/4 paws!’

Kinnerley bridal paths – Shropshire.

  • SY10 8DB. ‘Our dogs give it a 2/4 paws!

Ellesmere lake – Shropshire, SY12 0PA. ‘A huge 4/4 for this walk!’

Alderford lake – Shropshire, SY13 3JQ. ‘A short but sweet walks, 2/4’

Delamere forest – Cheshire, CW8 2JD. ‘Squirrel chasers’ paradise, 4/4’

Paddington Meadows – Cheshire, WA1 3LU. ‘The paws are coming in at 2/4’

Marbury park– Cheshire, CW9 6AT. ‘Lots of other doggy friends, 3/4’

Sandstone Trail – Cheshire, CH3 9PF. ‘Lots of starting points, 2/4’

Vinnalls Loop – Mortimer’s Forest – Shropshire, SY8 2HG. ‘Our dogs rate it a 4/4’

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our recent blog on the best walks around Shropshire and Cheshire, we are always looking for new walks ourselves so why not let us know about them by email

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Happy exploring!!