A Day in the Life of a New Head Coach!

by Emily Freeman // November 2017

Dog School South Wales welcomed their new Head Coach this week! Here’s a taster of Emily’s first day at the reins…

“Having worked in Laos with a variety of different dogs ranging from the cutest puppies you’ve ever seen through to some rather challenging adults, I was looking forward to joining the Dog School team and getting stuck in. For me, helping prevent behavioural issues developing in the first place is what training is all about, and what better place to do it than (sometimes sunny) South Wales!"


(Douglas has been hard at work in making sure no laps get cold in the office.)

My first day started with team introductions for me and my hounds – Pip and Douglas were very happy to find plenty of people willing to slip them a treat and I was delighted to find myself part of such a lovely team. Then it was time to hit the paperwork to make sure that everyone got a prompt call back about their class enquiries. Once the piles of paper were diminished we headed down to set up for our lunchtime classes. As a team we like to take the time to discuss seating arrangements for each class and pick our favourite distractions to wow the dogs with! All of the classes went well, with many of the dogs showing substantial improvement in their ability to relax in a group setting as well as focus on their owners as the distractions mounted.


The afternoon saw us hunting for a new venue for evening training classes. With many things to consider in a venue from parking to floor type this is a long job, but our fussiness seems to have paid off and we found some good leads.

In the evening we had a group induction to welcome all the fresh new faces for our up and coming classes. This was a great opportunity to meet with doggy parents and run through what Dog School is about and how dogs view the world, as well as for the owners to ask any questions that had been puzzling them about their dogs.

Once we had waved goodbye to everyone Doug, Pip and I headed home – very excited to be doing it all again the next day!


  (Pip wasted no time in getting settled in to office life.)

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