Amazing Grace!

by Rachel Taunton // October 2017

Amazing Grace!

Since the weather is getting colder, we here at Dog School South Wales wanted to share a story that would warm everyone up a little bit! We like to share stories of some of our favourite class mates to show the hurdles that both dogs and owners are overcoming throughout their classes with Dog School.

Grace’s wonderful owner, Audrey contacted us about attending classes because she had recently adopted a six year old Cocker Spaniel who came in to rescue following her life as a breeding bitch on a puppy farm. While Grace had given life to many puppies, her humans believed she had missed out on a puppyhood of her own and wanted to give their new companion the best start to her new life.

During the first week Grace was a little nervous of her new environment so we settled her down in her bay with a Kong and she quickly forgot about being in a strange place. This was the beginning of Grace’s love affair with Kongs and we started to understand just how driven by food this little lady was. By the second week, Grace transformed into a cheeky little thing. She was a treat thief and even tried snuck under the barrier to snatch her neighbour’s Kong while they were busy doing recall! We all fell in love with the character she was becoming and her owners reported that she was gaining confidence at home too. She quickly discovered that going out for walks wasn’t as scary as she first thought; all the sights and smells won her over in the end as long as her humans were close by for her to check in with.

Following classes, we dropped Audrey an email to see how Grace was getting on and she reported that incidents of chewing wires (and the odd alarm clock!) were down and the Kong had become King of their household. She told us that Grace had enjoyed her time at Sausage Playtime (what they liked to call classes) and she had learned a lot about the new addition to her household. We spoke of the worry they had initially against adopting former puppy farm dogs and the joy Grace has brought to the house. She’s a six year old dog experiencing lots of things for the first time and seeing her develop in class was a wonder to watch for all of us here at Dog School.

While people often think of classes being geared towards puppies, Grace was in effect learning to start over and taking in new sights and sounds every day. The conviction and continuous work put in by her owners helped Grace to get through the initial nerves as she now explores her new life with as much exuberance and gusto as a brand new puppy.

Sometimes she is disgrace, when she tries to eat something inappropriate, but mostly she is our Amazing Grace.” Audrey.

These stories make our day, the owners who are willing to put so much into their dogs and puppies make our jobs hugely satisfying and in return we get to watch these dogs blossom. Finally, Grace can experience the life she deserves and we couldn’t be happier for her.

If you’re interested in attending classes with your rescue dog at Dog School South Wales, send us an email at or give us a call on 07920 658644 and we can discuss booking into our fun and engaging classes to get to know your new additions!