A Day in the Life of Dog School Surrey!

by Angus Healy // May 2018


The Dogs Trust Dog School. Who are we, and what do we do?

We’re a team dedicated to educating and helping dogs and owners alike.  We’re trained professionals, happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your beloved four-pawed besties. We’re all impassioned people, who just want to see every dog as happy, and confident as they can be. We also happen to be bonkers.

But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Dog School Surrey? Join us as we take you through the ins and outs of the working life of a Dog School Coach…  

The Office

The office is our hub, the start and finish of all our daily activities. We begin our days, coffee in hand (Hot water if you’re Alice), raring to go. 

From the usual tasks such as preparing for our classes, or answering emails and phone calls, to slightly more unusual ones like organising our next event, or writing this blog, we’re never short of things to get on with.

The majority of our office time is taken talking to owners about their dogs and finding the most suitable class for them.

Coach Alice having a lovely chat with one of our clients.

We work very hard in the office, so it’s important we do take an occasional break, even if that break involves quality assurance of items we use in our classes!

 Dog School Surrey, at your service!

We want to get the best out of your dogs that we possibly can, so the more information we have about them the better. That’s why we love taking the time on our phone calls to find out more about you and your dog so that we can understand the best way possible to help you, offering advice and help even before the classes have started.

Our office work is just a small part of our overall duties, however, let us take a look at how we run our fantastic classes…


Of course, the forefront of our endeavour in education lies in the teaching of our wonderful positive classes which range across all age groups, wriggly little pups, rambunctious adolescents, and fabulous adults. From working on teaching your dog how to settle to getting a fantastic recall or loose lead walk, there is nothing more satisfying than watching dogs progress through the weeks, and our hearts swell with pride each time we see how well the dogs are getting on and the amazing bond that builds between dog and owner.

We only have 6 dogs maximum per class, with at least 2 of us wonderful coaches present for every session, to provide as personal and tailored course for the dogs as we possibly can, and as many of you will see from our classes, we like to have a lot of fun, whilst relaying to you relevant and interesting messages about how you can better understand and train your dog, no matter how old they are.

For those dogs who may not need a full course of classes, we also offer 1-1s. These one-off sessions are meticulously designed to work on whatever specific aspect of the training that the dog may need. They can also be a good aid in boosting your dog's training before or after their course of classes.

Micco the absolutely stunning German Shepherd X Utonagan Puppy


Lila the Spaniel Pup doing a wonderful Loose Lead Walk

Progression of exercises are key, such as trying recall in a more distracting environment! Finley the Lab absolutely nailed this one!

These lovely pooches all graduated their classes with flying colours! We love seeing how well our dogs do over 5 weeks!


Our canine crusade in helping the public and their dogs through the power of education and training doesn’t stop at classes!

As well as the practical course, we add in an introductory presentation which covers important topics such as how a dog learns and how to read their body language, helping owners to prepare for their classes.

As well as the induction presentation, we regularly schedule seminars to further educate members of the public on topics such as “Getting a New Puppy” or “Helping your Dog cope with being alone” among others.

We also offer CPD presentations to many vet staff or other canine based workers on various topics such as "Body Language’‘, or "Happy Vet Visits"!

Coaches Alice and Angus are prepped and ready to deliver our induction presentation.

Head Coach Sian delivering the information so expertly that even Coach Angus is entranced!



As much we love taking the time to talk to people about their wonderful dogs in our office, sometimes we yearn for the great outdoors, and what better way to enjoy the glorious weather than getting out and spreading the word about the amazing work the Dogs Trust does. From vets, pet shops and anywhere else animal related to frequented cafes and pubs, you’ll see us out and about with Bernie, our bright yellow van! We’re most commonly leafleting away, telling the great nation of the classes we do, as well as other services the Dogs Trust provide, such as Generation Pup, or the CPD seminars we can provide.

The Dog School Surrey Team with our faithful van ‘Bernie’.

Our marketing routes take us to some beautiful places in Surrey, that’s for sure!


An average day in the life of a Dog School Coach consists of Office work, Marketing and Classes, however we can also be found attending local events throughout the year, such as County Shows, or Paws in the Park, promoting our wonderful classes, and getting the education of force-free training out into the world.

Our gazebo always contains lots of fun things for your canine companion to do, and we absolutely love chatting with owners and having a cuddle with a pooch, all while giving good advice.

Our Gazebo set up with loads of interesting things for dogs and owners alike, as well as much needed shade and water for your hot dogs.

Nothing like chilling with an ice cream in the hot weather after promoting our classes at a County Show. Head Coach Sian and Coach Alice certainly seem to think so.


We like to speak in our classes about how dogs are always learning and progressing, and how important it is to help them with this, but we would be remiss if we didn’t take our own advice there.

Whether it’s thanks to the brilliance of our dedicated training team ensuring we are being given the most up to date training at upskill workshops, or simply batting ideas off each other in the office, we’re constantly improving our knowledge so that we can give the best advice we can and help people in whatever way they may need!

Coach Angus practicing his presentation skills at one of our training workshops

So that’s a brief overview of what we do in our Dog School! Despite how busy we always seem to be, there isn’t a second of this job that we don’t love (except maybe the odd bit of traffic), and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Look out for us in your local area as we continue to strive towards helping dogs and owners build powerful strong bonds together no matter their age and tackling any problems in a positive and fun way through our wonderful training!

Don’t Forget!

We will soon be running our classes across different parts of Surrey, to help your pooch transform from a rebel without a cause to your best friend on four paws! For more information please call us on 01372 224766 or email: surreydogschool@dogstrust.org.uk and get booked on to some of our classes.

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