Charleston’s Journey Continued…

by Lizzie Ashton // April 2018

Charleston’s Journey Continued…

You may remember Charleston who came to our puppy classes from our previous blog. Charlie found his special someone and his owners wanted to get his training off to a good start. His owners decided they wanted to keep up with the training so Charlie has just finished our adolescent course!


Charlie came back to Dog School Sussex’s classes in Brighton. For Charlie and his owners coming back to classes was useful to help build on what he’d learnt at puppy classes. Popular Charlie was excited to make new friends on his first day of secondary school, this distraction helped to progress his already great skills even further.

Charlie recognised the settle straight away and relaxed into his first-class fast! With the help of the Dog School Sussex volunteers and coaches, distractions were added throughout the weeks. This meant the training hall felt a little more realistic to everyday life – the world can be very distracting after all!

One of Charlies biggest achievement was his progression with a “leave it” cue. Charlie loves toys but showed off his amazing self-control. On week 4 Charlie’s owner was able to successfully throw a toy and ask him to “leave it”, Charlie’s reward was a yummy bit of sausage – what a star!

Once again Charlie graduated school with top marks. For the Dog School coaches, it has been lovely to watch his journey from being a Dogs Trust puppy looking for a forever home through to being settled and completing two sets of training with his new family.

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