Charleston’s Journey!

by Gemma Whitlaw // February 2018

Charleston’s Journey!

Meet the lovely Charleston who has recently found his special someone at Dogs Trust Shoreham. Charleston came into the rehoming centre with his siblings all looking for a new forever home.

After settling into his home his new owners wanted to get his training off to the best start so they contacted Dog School Sussex!

Charleston came along to the Dog School Sussex Puppy Classes in Brighton. Here he learned all about lots of different things, including returning to his owner when called, how to walk nicely on the lead and to meet people politely and not jump up. 

The great thing with the Puppy classes at Dog School Sussex is as well as learning, it is all about having fun! Charleston would be very excited to come through the doors each class.  As the weeks went on Charleston grew in confidence and his new skills were shining through. 

Charleston had started to find that he could get his Mum’s attention with the occasional ‘woof’. After his first training session at Dog School, Charleston soon learned that offering a calm settle worked even better to get the attention he wanted from his owners. This settle has also helped Charleston know it is ok to be left at home alone. This is something lots of puppies find a bit worrying so with the guidance from the Dog School Team and training classes Charleston was soon much happier being left.

Charleston’s owner said

“this course was great, Lana, Lizzie and Gemma (the coaches), and Sabrina and Sophie (our volunteers) were great and really friendly and helpful”

 Charleston graduated with flying colours and is looking forward to coming back to our juvenile classes!

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