New Year, New Training Hall!

by Lizzie Ashton // January 2018

New Year, New Training Hall!

Welcome to 2018!

New Year, new me, that’s what everybody says. Here at Dog School Sussex we are all still high from Christmas cheer and filled with excitement to see in the New Year in our new training hall at the Dogs Trust Shoreham rehoming centre.

The build began back in June 2017. The poor builders were out in the wind and rain with the aim to have the build completed by Christmas – could this be the best Christmas present we’ve ever received? It didn’t make it quite in time for Christmas but luckily, the build remained fairly on schedule. We were assured we could relax, and promised that it would be ready for our new classes scheduled for January.

The new space will benefit both Dog School and the rehoming centre staff a huge amount with a new training area for the dogs. Its specific design means it’s perfectly fit for purpose.

So, what are we all most looking forward to about having this new space? Gemma can’t wait to get stuck in with starting our training classes in the new hall. It will make getting out of bed on a Saturday morning much easier! Lana is getting ready to give her first induction presentation; if this is done in the new shiny barn she hopes her nerves will be a little less (if she’s lucky!). I (Lizzie) just can’t wait to move into our new office and being a typical northerner can’t wait to have that first brew made from our new kettle in our new kitchen.

We are holding an exciting “Barn Launch” to celebrate the opening of the new training hall. This is to be held on Sunday 25th February between 11am-2pm People and dogs welcome! For more information please call 01273 466 977 or email we can’t wait to see you all there!

If you’re interested in bringing your canine friend to classes or just want some more information please contact Sussex Dog School on: 01273 466977 or email: 

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