Hey I’m Stanley!

by Lizzie Ashton // November 2017

Hey I’m Stanley!

I’m Stanley a valued part of the Dog School Sussex team. I’m a 4 year old tan toy dog with many talents (if you press my paw I’ll even sing a song and bob my head along). I have many jobs as part of the team and enjoy life by the seaside after being rescued from the depths of a charity shop shelf.


My main job on a day to day basis is helping out with classes. I act as a distraction for the dogs, trying to make it harder for them to focus on their owners. I have to make it nice an easy by sitting still and making myself less interesting – which is difficult for a guy like me, I’m an interesting character what can I say. Every now and again the girls allow me to fulfill my dream of being centre stage by using me to demonstrate the next training exercise. I always complete the task with expert precision; to make them look good.


I occasionally help out in the office; there are always a lot of calls to get through for people interested in our classes or having a 1-2-1 session.  I lend an extra pair of paws in getting through the long list of admin tasks. It also gets me out of the house (the Dog School van) for a change of scenery. 


My jobs also extend to helping raise awareness about our classes. Not too long ago we had a stall up on Brighton seafront handing out leaflets and speaking to dog owners who may be interested in classes. I got the chance to meet lots of nice people although it took me a while to brush the knots out of my ears that evening… it was so windy!

Sadly there was no time to go on the pier or up the i360… all work and no play.


If you’re interested in meeting me and the team or just want some more information about our classes please contact Sussex Dog School on: 01273 466977 or email: SussexDogSchool@dogstrust.org.uk

 Keep up to date with what I’m up to on social media and follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @sussexdogschool