From Tear Away Pup to Teachers Pet!

by Lizzie Ashton // August 2017

From Tear Away Pup to Teachers Pet!

Golden Labrador puppy, Olly, first arrived at Dog School when he was 11 weeks old. First thing on his busy schooling schedule was learning to settle; something he mastered with no problem at all. Not only does this help him relax but it also allows his owner Christine to feel more content and happier. Next up was an attempt to tackle a normal puppy behaviour, mouthing. Olly tended to do this when taking food, but with his super sharp puppy teeth you certainly knew about it. With some simple advice focused around giving Olly another outlet for the behaviour, namely a sturdy rope toy, and some homework to continue to work on this, Olly and Christine once again excelled.

Week by week Olly came to class and amazed the Dog School coaches with his improvement in behaviour and training. Olly was a smart boy and picked things up quickly but the effort and time his owner put into the training really made the difference. The weeks flew by and Olly’s confidence and character grew each week. By the final week Olly was able to walk on a beautiful loose lead, recall away from distractions and his jumping up was almost none existent. Olly’s owner felt the skills they’d both learnt would prepare them for everything, and anything! Olly had grown over the five weeks from a puppy to a young dog. The coaches at Dog School Sussex definitely agreed!

Ollie is now at Dog School’s Adult Training Classes advancing his skills further!! Stay tuned to find out how he gets on!!

If you would like to emulate Olly and Christine’s success please enquire about available courses with Dog School Sussex on 01273 466 977 or email