Highlights of the Dogs Trust Fun Day at Shoreham

by Lana-Mae Hamper // July 2017

Highlights of the Dogs Trust Fun Day at Shoreham

We all had such a good day at the Shoreham Dogs Trust fun day this year!  Our aim was to get the Dog School name out there and meet as many new people and their canine pals as we could.  We succeeded!

We had a great idea – let’s do a fun ‘doggy Olympic dash’ for excited dogs to try out.  This was a taster of the set up of our week 5 class, with some other fun things added in.  Lana and Lizzie ran the Olympics, and had a lot of fun in the process.  The dogs really enjoyed this, especially hunting for treats in our bowls of balls!  Every dog that finished the course got a tasty treat, as we explained more about dog school to their proud owner.  We were busy with the doggy dash all day, often with a queue of eager dogs awaiting their turn.

Dog School had so many visitors to our stand, where we laid out lots of information about classes.  This included booklets of the content covered in class, class times and venues, and lots of leaflets to give out.  We had an sign saying that we offer training advice, and this was a good opportunity to talk to people about dog school when they asked for some training advice.  Lizzie went on her ‘walkies’ round the event, handing out more leaflets and chatting about Dog School.  We met lots of lovely people and pooches, and some of those pooches are currently in our classes.  They are coming along really well with their training!

Another highlight of the day was Gemma doing fantastic demonstrations with her lovely doggies, Boo and Eclipse.  This was in the main show ring and gathered quite an audience.  Eclipse was the star of the recall demo, and Gemma used a long line to showcase their amazing skills.  Boo had her turn demonstrating our handling exercise.  Boo stepped up onto a platform for Gemma to explain and perform the handling.  Boo then finished with a little wave to the crowd!  This was a popular event for the day, the show ring was surrounded by people and it really highlighted our training skills.

We look forward to another fun day out!