Waggy Walks in West Yorkshire!

by Holly Lockwood // February 2018

The Dog School West Yorkshire team are lucky enough to be only a stone’s throw away from some of the most beautiful landscapes that the UK has to offer. We are nearby the Peak District and the Pennine Hills, which are often described as the "backbone of England" making it a wonderful place to explore as well as providing lots of opportunities to discover new things with our canine companions. We have each been taking the time to get used to our surroundings since arriving here and these are some that we would like to share with you in this series of...

Wonderful Waggy Walks in West Yorkshire’.

The first in our series of ‘Waggy Walks in West Yorkshire’ comes from our Senior Coach Holly who has lived in Huddersfield all her life. She has a few favourite walks that she frequently reverts back to; here is one of the walks that Holly would recommend.

The canal walk from Slaithwaite Village to Marsden Village.

A lovely, mainly flat, easy-paced walk with pubs, cafes and shops either end makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon stroll. Usually starting in Slaithwaite we’ll join the canal, which runs straight through the village and heads towards Marsden. In the summer you’ll usually see a few canal boats along the strip making their way through the canal locks which is always a nice excuse to have a rest, sit down, settle your dog and watch them do this.


Louie exploring his surroundings

It makes for a lovely walk for our pooches, keeping on lead for safety, there are lots for them to sniff and explore as you walk between the two villages. In the summer this is a popular route with dog walkers and you’re bound to bump into lots of people with other dogs so they can have the chance to interact and put their nice polite interactions (that they’ve learnt in classes) into practice - bonus!

As you get close to Marsden Village there is a couple of options you can take. You can take a left onto the road to walk into Marsden Village or you can carry on even further! Usually, from Slaithwaite to Marsden it is a nice hour-long stroll.

Louie and Nellie demonstrating their settle in the pub in Marsden

Once in Marsden, there are lots of dog-friendly places to pop in with your dog! With a variety of pubs, cafes and shops there is bound to be something that takes your fancy and you can sit in the sunshine while your dog practices their lovely settle while having a rest. We tend to pop into the pub, the dogs settle down and we all warm up before setting back off again. The nice, easy nature of this walk makes it one of my favourites, its one that every member of the family can get involved with and isn’t too strenuous. Now, I do usually walk back to Slaithwaite along the canal (after a quick pit stop) however there is a train station in both Marsden and Slaithwaite and lots of buses if you were a little tired.

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