Starting a New Dog School in West Yorkshirel

by Holly Hamp // January 2018

Starting a new job can be daunting for anyone, but when you are making the leap to relocate over 100 miles away from home to an area that is alien to you it can be even scarier! However, when you’re going off to do something you know you are going to love it makes it a thousand times easier. Making the decision to leave a job that I absolutely adored, working as a Canine Carer in another rescue centre, wasn’t hard because I knew I could use all the skills I had gained from my time there to help more dogs from an array of different backgrounds up here as a Coach with Dog School.

Despite having lived down south for all 22 years of my life I had always wanted to move up north. The idea of the Yorkshire Dales being right on my doorstep and only a stone’s throw away from the Lake District is an absolute dream come true, especially since I’ve been reunited with my family dog, McKinley. I feel a lot more central now in Great Britain, everything seems accessible and a lot more spacious here in the north! Coming here to work for Dog School West Yorkshire feels so incredibly exciting and I think will be the best decision I’ve ever made.

We are only just getting started here in West Yorkshire

The prospect of setting up a new school in an unfamiliar area is a great way to get to know my surroundings. So far in our first week, we have been visited plenty of venues and travelled from Huddersfield to Bradford way which gives us a good idea of where our classes will be held when we start in the New Year. Things are looking promising and we hope to secure them very soon so we can get out in the field and promote our new Dog School to the public!

Learning all about the different aspects that go into setting up a new Dog School is informative work; things that you wouldn’t even think to query about are often the most important parts to building the school. Something as simple as, does the venue have easy access to water to use as a water source for dog bowls? Of course! I am definitely still learning the right questions to ask.

It’s been a great start here and I’m learning so much from Head Coach Kat and Senior Coach Holly L every day. I can’t wait to get stuck into training and look forward to the day I can confidently teach a class with the team here in West Yorkshire!


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