What have we been up to?

by Emma Rex // July 2017

What have we been up to?

West Midlands Dog School continues to make progress thanks to our hard work and our recent media coverage.

So, since we last spoke there has been a few changes for us here at West Mids. We are now a team of three again with a new Head Coach so we are able to run more classes and give more 1-2-1 training sessions.

We are running thirteen classes out of four venues. The classes that run out of our two Dogs Trust rehoming centers are doing extremely well. Both Kenilworth and Evesham classes are fully booked until September!! Which is great news. Our rehoming centers do such a great job at promoting Dog School when rehoming dogs that we find a lot of people contact us about Dog School training classes as soon as they have their dog home, sometimes even before they have collected.  The fact that we offer a Rescue training class is a big hit and hopefully we are helping those dogs settle into there new homes and build very strong bonds with their new owners.

We have had a bit of media coverage in the last few weeks which has really boosted our enquires. One of which was a beagle that invaded the pitch at a Halesowen FC football match. No one could catch the dog due to his lack of a recall so he came along to Dog School for a recall training session. BBC Coventry and Warwickshire news came along too. He did amazingly well and his owner is planning to enroll Dusty into training classes and then BBC news will come back and do a follow up. So keep your eyes peeled!

We have also been in the Evesham observer as we have had a Puppy graduate our puppy class at Evesham. She was a rescue puppy from Evesham who was smuggled into the country and seized at the boarder. The family enjoyed our classes that much that they brought her along to the rescue class to continue her training.

We are finding that both dogs and there owners are really enjoying coming along for ‘School’ in fact some have asked for a longer course in our feedback. Owners have said that when they begin to pack up their dogs things to bring along for class (we ask that they bring a piece of the dogs bedding and favorite treats) the dogs are getting really excited. This is lovely for us to hear that what we are doing is making a difference to their lives.

One particular little dog springs to mind. We have recently graduated a little dog named Holly. On her first week Holly was very scared of the environment. So much so that her owners had to carry her into class as she was just too worried to walk. By week three to our surprise we all watched in amazement as little Holly dragged her owners into class!! She was just so excited to come to School that we let her off with the pulling on the lead!!

Holly with her proud owners!

Another dog that’s springs to mind is Bruce. A large Staffie type who was a rescue dog from the RSPCA. We worked with Bruce in 1-2-1 sessions prior to bringing him into classes as due to his past experiences he was very uncomfortable around other dogs. Due to Bruce and his owner working so hard Bruce was ready to attend classes in just a few short weeks! He was an absolute superstar in our class. He is still very wary of other dogs but seems to have a lot more trust in his owner that she will help him through the situation and he no longer reacts towards other dogs. Enabling both dog and owner to now have an enjoyable walk!

Bruce having completed his 5 week course with flying colours!

So all in all things are looking good for us here in the West Midlands and we only hope with can continue with our hard work and make a difference the both owners and their dogs!!