Funding research

By Honor Coulter | research

As well as providing practical solutions to canine welfare problems happening right now, we invest in securing better dog welfare for years to come, through the work of our Canine Welfare Grants Committee.  We welcome grant applications from students, post-graduates and practicing vets and behaviourists for projects which will positively impact dog welfare, however we do not fund any research which requires a Home Office licence. 

 We currently fund 27 individual research projects of varying timescales, including the Generation Pup project – a longitudinal study into the physical and behavioural development of up to 5,000 dogs from puppy to the end of life.

 Applicants are asked to focus on the following subject areas:

 1. The genetic basis of disease or reduced welfare in dogs.  We will prioritise applications which offer a solutions-based approach to conditions or welfare issues underpinned by a genetic component.

 2. Canine behaviour; especially those involving understanding quality of life, including the effect of environment; canine intelligence and the human-canine bond; canine aggression.

 3. Healthy ageing in dogs, including looking at how an understanding of healthy ageing may influence improvements in canine welfare.

 4. Epidemiology of disease.  We recognize the importance of data to underpin research into canine health, and we welcome applications which will address the current lack of information.

 5. The welfare of dogs suffering from chronic disease, including obesity, and we especially welcome research looking into improving the quality of life in dogs with chronic diseases.

If you are interested in applying for funding for research which would lead to direct benefits for dog welfare, then please get in touch by email.