How to train your dog videos

by Tamsin Durston

How to Train a Dog & Puppy Videos

Teaching your dog to Come back when called

Our how-to guide and top tips for getting your dog to come back to you… every time! Most dogs love running around off the lead, but before you give your dog their ‘freedom’ it’s vital for their safety that you know they will come back when called, regardless of where they are and what’s going on around them.

How to prevent your dog guarding food and toys

Dogs really love their food and toys, so it’s easy to see why they might worry about these being taken away. They might even growl when they’re approached while they’re with their favourite things, in an attempt to show how uncomfortable and worried this makes them feel and keep their precious things safe. Our how-to guide teaches how to prevent your dog guarding valued items through reassuring them that it’s always good when you approach while they’re enjoying their food or toys. They’ll learn be relaxed and confident with no need to worry about protecting their treasured things at all! 


How to toilet train your puppy

House training your puppy teaches them to go to the toilet outside, rather than inside the house! With our understanding, guidance and praise puppies can learn very quickly to toilet where we want them to!


How to stop a puppy jumping up

Your puppy is likely to jump up when trying to get your attention or when they are excited to see you. We often inadvertently reward jumping up in puppies because it is not a problem when they are so small and cute but it can be very confusing when our puppies grow up and start to get a different reaction.

Train Over excited dog for visitors

Dogs are naturally social and most will really enjoy it when people visit, they’re part of the family after all! Sometimes though, dogs can find it difficult to relax because they’re so excited by visitors, and this can create problems for everyone. Other dogs might be a little shy and worried about visitors. Our how-to guide shows you how to train your dog to  stay calm when visitors arrive , so everyone can enjoy being together!


How to stop your dog pulling on the lead

Here you can learn how to teach your dog to walk nicely on the lead rather than pulling you. Puppies and dogs can understandably get really excited when they are out for walks with lots of fun things going on that they want to explore. We need to show them how to walk calmly on the lead to ensure everyone stays safe and you can all enjoy walks!  


Teaching your dog to settle down

How to help your dog settle down when you’re busy. As part of family life, it’s important for dogs to learn to lie down, relax and have time on their own.  It’s especially important for them to do this when you’re busy at home, with guests, making dinner, cleaning the house, or out and about with friends and family.


Is it okay to leave a puppy alone?

Our how-to guide to making sure your puppy is happy when left alone. Dogs are naturally social animals, so it’s normal for them to feel worried when they’re left on their own. They aren’t born knowing how to feel okay when they’re all by themselves, so it’s important to teach your dog to feel confident and relaxed about being home alone.


What to do if your dog is scared of loud noises

Our how-to guide for preventing fears of loud or unusual noises. Dogs have extremely sensitive hearing and can hear things humans can’t, so imagine how frightening it is when extremely loud noises happen without any warning! Research shows almost half of dog owners report that their dogs show signs of fear or anxiety in response to loud, unpredictable noises like fireworks, thunderstorms and gunshots. We can help them to feel happier about noises, even when taken by surprise!


 How to stop a puppy from biting (mouthing)

Puppies explore and play with their mouths. Puppy mouthing is often mistaken for biting. We need to teach them to choose appropriate items…this doesn’t include us or our possessions! They have a lot to learn, so it is crucial that we are calm and consistent. Being calm prevents puppies becoming more intense or worried, which could make their behaviour worse. Consistency makes it easy to learn, as we need to give our puppies a clear message about where they are, and where they are not, allowed to place their teeth!


How to teach your dog to sit and lie down

Our how-to guide to teaching your dog to sit and then teaching your dog to lie down will help you keep your dog safe when out and about by giving them skills to use when crossing roads and meeting people! Sitting and lying down come in handy in so many situations and it’s also a fab way to practice your training skills too!


How to prepare your dog for a new baby

Most expectant parents have plenty of time to spend preparing for a baby but for an unsuspecting dog, their new housemate magically appears overnight! It’s important to   ensure your dog always feels part of your family and prepare them for the change in their routine, plus all the unusual sights, sounds and smells that the new arrival will bring. Doing this with plenty of time to spare means setting your dog up to cope well with this exciting change!


Teaching your puppy to be comfortable when handled

Because we love to pet our dogs, and of course our vets need to examine them too, it’s vital that our dogs feel comfortable when handled.  Enjoying being handled means dogs can be happy and confident when we pet them, and they’ll cope better when other people touch them too.


Reward based dog training 

Our dogs are our friends, so we want to teach them in kind ways that are effective but fun! Using rewards to teach dogs what to do means they’ll behave in certain ways because they want to, not because they’re worried that we might become cross if they don’t! This means our dogs trust us, enjoy our company and we’ll have the best relationship possible!


How to train your dog to stand on cue

Our how-to guide shows you how to teach your dog to stand on cue. This comes in handy when you need to brush them or they're being weighed or examined by the vet, and of course when posing for awesome photos! Plus, it’s a fun way to practice your training skills too!


Teaching your dog to leave something 

Dogs naturally use their mouths to explore the world, and this might mean picking up - or even eating - whatever they happen to find! This could be dangerous if your dog comes across rubbish in the street, or troublesome if they pick up things in the house that they shouldn’t! Teaching your dog to leave means you’ll have no need to worry as they’ll move away from something they’re interested in and enjoy turning to you instead!

Playing with your puppy

Playing with your dog and having a fun-filled experience together can help to strengthen your relationship. The opportunities for play are endless and our how-to guide shows you how to connect with your dog and play the types of games he’ll enjoy and learn from too! Playing with you can teach your dog valuable skills such as patience, sharing, focus and problem-solving in an exciting and happy way!


How to stop your dog's bad behaviour from the beginning

Our video to stopping bad behaviour from the start sets you off on the right path to having a well-behaved dog, whatever the situation you find yourselves in! Giving our dogs clear, consistent messages as to how we expect them to behave, and rewarding them for doing so, means we can set the scene for them to always get things right!


How to get your dog's attention

Our how-to guide teaches you how to get your dog's attention despite whatever else is going on. This is incredibly useful when you’re out and about, as you’ll both feel much more confident and you’ll know how to connect with your dog whenever you need to!

 Good things come to dogs who wait - patience at doorways

We love enthusiasm however doorway-dashing isn’t safe as we don’t always know what might be on the other side! By teaching our dogs to go through doors calmly, we can keep everyone safe and have dogs who are attentive to us, regardless of where they might be going and how exciting it might be. In the same way dogs can also learn to wait patiently in the car until you ask them to come out – invaluable if you have a break down on a busy road!

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